Where To Shop For A Wedding and Mother Of Dress: In-Store vs Online

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Shopping for a wedding dress and a mother-of-dress is a very special once-in-a-lifetime moment for brides and their families. Recently there have been many questions considering the pros and cons of purchasing a dress online vs at a bridal store. At Cida Sew Shop we have altered wedding dresses and mother-of-dresses that have been purchased from local bridal shops on Long Island NY, New York City, and many other locations. We have also seen gowns that have been ordered online and how modern-day brides and mothers are choosing alternate ways to purchase their dresses.

How To Wedding Dress Shop: 

Many brides have a vision of what they want to look like on their wedding day. Although the style of dress they think will look best sometimes ends up not fitting as expected. This is why it’s important to keep an open mind when first trying on wedding gowns because you never know what design you’re going to fall in love with. There are so many different styles of wedding dresses including but not limited to A-Line, Ballgown, Fit & Flare, Sheath, and Mermaid. With so many different dresses to choose from a bridal store might be the best option when trying on wedding gowns. 

Maria the bridal seamstress altering a wedding dress.


Buying A Wedding Dress In-Store: 

A local bridal shop can provide expert advice from the bridal stylist who knows and understands their inventory. They will listen to their bride’s style, budget, and how they envision their wedding dress. Their main focus is to find a wedding gown that makes them feel incredible, beautiful, and special.

A bridal shopping experience is not only designed to find your dream wedding gown but also to create an experience that you will never forget. Just envision the moment you find “the one” and you walk out of the fitting room with tears in your eyes as you look around at your family and friends who are there to support you. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Bridal sample gowns come in all different styles and sizes, mostly ranging from size 8 and up. Trying on dresses in-store sometimes can feel difficult especially if the dress you love is too small to try on or not available in stock. However, your bridal stylist can work their magic and come up with creative ways to show you how the dress would fit. They can also look into ordering a loaner gown to try on in-store. In addition, bringing in expert advice from a seamstress helps to provide clear insight into how the dress will be fitted and what alterations can be made. 

Online Wedding Dress Shopping: Is It Safe To Buy A Wedding Dress Online?

Many soon-to-be brides begin their wedding dress shopping online. They start by scrolling through Pinterest or online bridal shops to find their dream gown. Although bridal gown photographs often feature size 2 models who are 5’8” or plus size gorgeous models making every dress look absolutely stunning. In reality, we all are different sizes, heights, and shapes. Just because a dress looks amazing in the picture it might not feel amazing after you try it on.

Ordering a wedding dress online can also come with additional issues such as the quality of fabrics and color of the gown. If the quality of the fabric is not up to par it might not be able to be altered due to the seams disintegrating. Please understand if a seamstress turns down altering your dress due to the quality of the fabric they are being upfront and honest. They want to provide the best service possible and would not want to provide their clients with an unpleasant experience. 

If you decide to purchase your dress online, make sure you have a seamstress lined up who can begin alterations once the gown arrives. Seamstresses book up fast and without having the support of a bridal shop it may be difficult to get an appointment quickly if needed. 

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What Do Mothers Of The Bride Or Groom Wear To The Wedding:

Mothers of the bride and groom are vibrant women who should feel young not matronly when choosing their dress. The fashion industry is always changing and it’s difficult sometimes to determine what style, color, and fit will be the best for the upcoming wedding. 

At Cida Sew Shop I have seen so many mothers buy matronly dresses because they feel that is the only way to look the part of the mother of the bride or groom. The mother of dress is very special because the mother plays an important role in their son’s or daughter’s wedding. 

A bridal stylist can be the best person to support you in finding a dress that will look stylish, flattering, and most importantly elegant not frumpy. They will understand the fabric and fit of the dress to guarantee it hides all the problem areas and leaves you feeling incredible and confident. 

Real Life Stories: 

As a seamstress and designer, I have worked in different bridal stores and have seen many different scenarios. Here are a few real-life stories that might help you choose where to purchase your mother of dress. 

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The Mother Who Ordered Twenty Dresses: 

Last fall I had a mother of the bride who ordered a total of twenty dresses online. Nothing fit her properly and they were not what she expected. This increased her to-do list by having to buy and return dresses that did not work for her. Some of the dresses missed getting sent back before the required return shipping date and she was stuck with four dresses that she would never wear. Now it was two weeks before the wedding and she had nothing to wear and the only thing she did have was a maxed-out credit card. In a state of panic, she came to us and we were able to help her find a beautiful dress that fit her body shape in the color she wanted. She was able to get her dress altered just in time for the wedding. 

Dry Cleaning Tailor Nightmare:

The mother of the groom bought many dresses online and after some time she finally found the perfect dress. Her future daughter-in-law agreed on the color and style, everything was going according to plan. The only thing she needed was a hem. Simple enough…

She ran to a nearby tailor who completely ruined the dress. Every time she looks at the wedding pictures she cries. 

Most local dry cleaner tailors are not trained to work with high-end delicate fabrics and dresses. Booking an appointment with a professional seamstress ahead of time is the best option to make sure everything turns out the way you planned. 

Appropriate Dress Accessories:

Buying shoes and undergarments can also become a huge headache when you are shopping online. At Cida Sew Shop I often see clients bringing undergarments to their first fitting that does not work with their dress. This requires them to shop for proper undergarments that will provide them with the support they need for their gown. The right style and color of shoes is also important. For example, wearing open-toe sandals might downgrade the overall look if the gown is a high-end designer dress. The color of the shoes is also a key detail when pairing with a formal gown. Shoe colors online can look different in the picture than in person. If you are pressed for time to alter your dress these two items can delay the process which is something we want to avoid. 

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Why It’s Best To Shop Local:

It is often said the dress is only being worn one day. It’s true, you only wear it once but your wedding photographs last forever being passed down through generations. You don’t want to look back on your pictures and wonder what was I thinking wearing that dress. 

Ordering a wedding gown, mother of dress, or undergarments and shoes online might seem like the better option at first. However, if the dress does not work out as planned you will be stuck having to buy whatever is available and settle for something that you don’t love. 

Besides, supporting your local businesses and getting full one-on-one treatment can never compare to ordering your dress online. Plus it makes altering the gown a lot easier knowing the fabric is made out of high-quality material that will not disintegrate during the alterations process. 

If you need advice on where to shop for your wedding gown on Long Island NY and to schedule an alterations appointment please contact us today for assistance.

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