"Maria is AMAZINGLY talented! She was able to turn my wedding dress into my daughters baptism gown and it came out absolutely stunning! She followed the same style of my dress (to my surprise) and it nearly brought my to tears. I HIGHLY recommend her!"
"Maria has rescued so many pieces of clothing for me that when I needed help with lamp shades I turned to her for suggestions. I inherited 2 beautiful lamps from my grandmother. The lamps were beautiful but the shades were wrecked! The silk fabric was in shreds, beyond any hope of salvaging. Maria took one careful look at the lamp shade frames & said "I can do this". And she did! Beautifully. The new shades are a perfect match for the lamps & I love the way they look! Maria is a genius with anything having to do with a needle & thread! I'll never go to anyone else for anything needing sewing, and you can be confident that whatever work she does for you will be perfect & beautiful."
"I bought a dress that I loved for my daughters wedding but it did not fit correctly. Since the seamstress that I previously used retired, I turned to Google to find someone in my area. I found Maria and called her and explained my situation. After trying the dress on, Maria assured me she could make the dress fit and look great. Well, after a couple of fittings (thank you for being so patient) Maria delivered. I feel so lucky to have found someone that is so talented and does such wonderful work. I'll definitely be using her again and would recommend that you give her a call for your next alteration needs. You won't be disappointed! Thank you for everything!"
"I have been a Cida’s Sew Shop client and fan for years. Her original Pocket books, purses and throw pillows are my favorites. The craft details are amazing. Also I have alterations done by her shop and I was never disappointed. I highly recommend Cida Sew Shop."
-Angelita DeChristhopher
“I've known Maria Scavo for over 20 years! Way back when she designed and made my bag, which I still love! So when Maria started her cewing line I knew I had to buy some, ok a lot! They’re unique and different. Thanks!”
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"Finding Maria and her Cida Sew Shop has been such an inspiration to my work as an artist and craftsperson as she has been willing to take on small projects as well as be collaborative in the creative process. I have been able to realize projects that I could only really dream about as I did not have the requisite skill nor the means to engage a large company that would likely require large volume orders. As well, Maria has offered other tips and information about fabrics and other related subjects I would not have known to ask about."
- Victoria Hanks
Contemporary Fine Artist
"I have been working with Maria of Cida Sew Shop for over 5 years now and it’s been a completely positive experience in every way. From her consistently superb sewing skills, design ideas, responsive communications whenever I have a new project or a question to very reasonable pricing and even the care she takes in packaging finished products she sends back to me. Overall, I would highly recommend the Cida Sew Shop for any project. Maria is up for trying new things and has the ingenuity and talent to find solutions to just about anything you might have in mind. Definitely a 5-star company as well as Maria is a great person and a pleasure to work with!"
- Victoria Hanks
Contemporary Fine Artist

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