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How To Plan For Your First Dress Fitting In Long Island NY - Cida Sew Shop

How To Plan For Your First Dress Fitting In Long Island NY

Woman in bridal gown getting ready for wedding.

Cida Sew Shop specializes in bridal, formal, and special occasion alterations. In this complete guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know to be fully prepared for your first alterations appointment for bridal gowns, mother’s and bridesmaid dresses, and prom. We provide dress fitting services in Massapequa, Long Island NY that conveniently borders Nassau County a short distance drive from Queens NY. 

Bridal Alterations

Bridal gown alterations are extremely important. It’s what transforms a dress into a bride’s custom-fitting gown that is altered specifically for them. When a gown is altered properly it will feel like you are wearing the gown instead of the gown wearing you. Oftentimes when a wedding dress is ordered either in a bridal boutique or online the gown is a standard size with standard measurements. To guarantee the right fit, alterations need to be done to make sure the hem length is perfect for walking or the bust of the gown is adjusted to make you feel comfortable. 

When is the best time to book my bridal alterations appointment?

The best time to book your first bridal fitting is when you order your gown. Bridal alterations require three to four fittings that may take ten to twelve weeks to fully complete. Consider the time frame for how long your ordered wedding gown will take to arrive and plan accordingly to schedule your alterations appointment. Keep in mind most wedding gowns that are ordered with a bridal boutique will take approximately six to eight months to arrive and you will need an additional three months for alterations. This is why searching for your wedding gown at least a year in advance is recommended. 

How much do wedding dress alterations cost?

Each wedding gown’s intricacy and fine detail varies and so do alteration costs depending on how much work needs to be done. Most wedding dresses require a hem, the bust to be taken in, and a bustle, although some gowns may need more coverage to be added to the back of the dress, the gown may need to be taken in on either side or customizations added. The average cost to alter a wedding gown is approximately $400 to $700. If a gown needs custom alterations additional costs will be added. All payments must be paid upfront at the time of the fitting for alterations to begin. 

I’m trying to lose weight before my wedding. What should I do about alterations?

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day and most times they want to lose weight before the big day. However, sometimes the stress of planning a wedding can create a fluctuation in weight. This is why it is important to be upfront with your seamstress about your weight loss goals and how you envision yourself on your wedding day. If your seamstress knows upfront your intentions they will be able to work with you and do their best to have your wedding dress fit perfectly. If for some reason after the dress alterations are completed and your weight fluctuates drastically an additional cost will be added to continue alterations until your final pick-up is scheduled. 

Bride and groom walking down steps.What should I bring to my first bridal alterations appointment?

Your wedding shoes are a must-have at your first alterations appointment. This will allow your seamstress to measure how much material needs to be taken off the hem of your wedding dress to guarantee walking down the aisle and dancing is effortless. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be tripping over the hem of your dress. It’s also important to bring along appropriate undergarments that you plan to wear under your wedding dress. This can include bras, shapewear, corsets, etc. 

How to prepare for my first bridal fitting? 

On the day of your first fitting, a little goes a long way. This means wearing deodorant, perfumes, makeup, body and hand location and jewelry can damage your wedding gown during the alterations process. The best advice is to arrive at your appointment showing off your natural beauty. 

Planning to arrive at your fitting fifteen minutes ahead of time is recommended. This will help your seamstress stay on schedule with multiple appointments that last approximately one hour per fitting. During your first bridal fitting appointment at Cida Sew Shop, we will discuss your desires and focus on fitting the bodice of your wedding gown.

Bridal Party Alterations

Mother of dresses and bridesmaids will follow a similar plan for alterations although a few differences include alteration fees and time frame. The same preparations are to be made as the bridal fittings such as arriving fifteen minutes early with your shoes and undergarments. 

I’m the Mother of the bride/groom, do I need my dress altered? 

Yes, depending on the style of dress you choose for your daughter or son’s wedding it likely will need some alterations. They only take about four to six weeks to alter and will only require two fittings and a scheduled pick-up. Again it all depends on the intricacy of the dress although the average cost to alter a mother’s gown starts at $250. If any custom work is required such as shawls or a modesty piece the price will vary. 

 Maid of honor and bridesmaid alterations, what to expect. 

Plan for a bridesmaid fitting appointment to last approximately thirty minutes to one hour depending on the style of your dress. In addition, it will take four to six weeks for alterations to be completed. Bridesmaid alteration costs for a single-layer hem start at $75 and any additional work that needs to be done will be a la carte. 

Prom Gowns

Jr. and Sr. proms are magical and often the first time many young women get to wear a beautiful gown. Just like bridal gowns, prom dresses also require alterations for the dress to fit beautifully. Prom dresses require four to six weeks for alterations. In addition, the cost on average is about $250 depending on the work that needs to be done. 

Additional Appointment Information At Cida’s Sew Shop

It’s best to schedule your seamstress appointment as soon as you order your gown no matter what type of event you’re attending. This ensures that you have an appointment on the books that will fit the timeframe of your event and your seamstress’s schedule. If a dress requires a last-minute alteration it’s important to keep in mind that a rush fee will be included and please be patient as this is a craft and we will do our best to provide the work required in a short amount of time. 

At Cida Sew Shop fitting and pick-up appointments are scheduled every Sunday and Wednesday. Our fitting location can accommodate three people at a time, this allows you to bring two additional guests to your appointment if you desire. We ask that you bring no small children, food, or drinks to your appointment. We will accommodate anyone who has small children when scheduling their appointment to set a time that will work best. We welcome you to book your first alterations appointment for your special event at Cida’s Sew Shop in Massapequa Long Island NY.

To learn more about Cida’s Sew Shop and how to prepare for your alterations appointment please visit Brides of Long Island


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