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Cida Sew Shop — She believed she could so she did

I discovered my passion for fabrics around the age of five when my grandmother sewed my very first rag doll, Panona. I quickly created a simple outfit from a patchwork of fabric scraps. Before long, Panona had a custom designer wardrobe! Two decades later, when my daughter was young, I was inspired to create real-life, functional clothes and matching accessories to complete the look.

I had always enjoyed sewing new designs for myself, but never imagined turning my passion into a business. It wasn’t until my work began to spread to others that I realized I could love my career. I began filling requests for eco-conscious handbags and as popular as they were, I decided to make extra orders to sell to local shops. One day, I brought them to a high-end fashion boutique. While there, I was also asked to reproduce a garment by the dozen. When I delivered my work to the boutique, they sold out within three hours.

Since then, I have taken my lifetime of experience into each unique design I create. The best part of my work is the many different projects I may work on within a single day– I am never bored! I simply love sharing this special art form; creating with passion to inspire the world.

Cida Sew Shop — She believed she could so she did

Welcome to the treasure box of Cida’s inspiration, style and passion for fabrics. Discover the options from creating one-of-a-kind to repurposing something already special to you, while extending the life of a garment and saving the environment.

At Cida Sew Shop we will take your vision, expand and transform into your reality. We don’t believe that one size fits all, because we are not all. Each one of us are unique individuals and we deserve nothing but the best. How a garment fits you can change how the world perceives you, giving you the confidence and the power to represent yourself in a big way. Your accessories and your home describe who you really are in a nutshell.

By customizing and not just picking something off the shelf it shows how much you care about your image, what you represent and how you expect to be treated.

To keep up with the speed of innovative materials arriving each day in our markets, at Cida Sew Shop we are always learning a new way to improve, grow and develop good quality items for our customers.

The year of 2020 was a very different year, where we learned how to appreciate life and the small things.

With all the changes happening it is giving us opportunities to expand business in new and exciting ways. Using the latest technologies we started conducting sewing and quilting classes online for seniors and other sewing enthusiasts. also We have been privileged to work for philanthropic projects like “Long Island Quilt for Kids”.

We continue to expand our services to a broader audience of personalizing, creating and inspiring the world.

What we specialize:

Need something repaired or altered? You’ve come to the right place! We can shorten those jeans that are just a little too long for you, we can even alter children’s uniforms for back to school! Since it’s casual wear it will only take a 1 to 2 weeks to get it altered. We even can make custom aprons as a special gift for all ages.
We can make custom pillow sets, bed skirts, and curtains. We can also hem curtains or repair heirloom items.
We can alter wedding dresses, prom, and sweet 15/16 dresses as well. The manufacturers only follow standard sizing for all their dresses, but in reality everyone’s body is different and may not always fit in a one size fits all. For ball gowns we recommend 6 to 8 weeks, to get fitted for alterations. You can call to book an appointment
Book an appointment for a consultation where we will talk about the special details like style, color, pocket details, straps, and closures and other wishes to make your bag unique. We will also show you some of the bags we have made to help you get an idea for your custom bag.
At Cida Sew Shop we will help develop one or a few sample products of the design provided by the designer, by following all measurements and details.
We research for the best material to cut and sew to get to the best finished product. You tell us about your plans on using said item, and we’ll know what materials are best for your specific need.
Every customer is treated with royalty, and every project is grand! We care about craftsmanship. We are about creating personalized items that are functional and unique in style. To master this talent we have dedicated many years of hard work, curiosity and flexibility to handle all sorts of different garments, accessories, and home decor that arrives into our shop.
  • We specialize in women’s and children’s clothing
  • Home décor; pillows, window treatment, some upholstery,
  • Special occasions; weddings, baby shower, sweet 16, proms and personal affairs.
  • Custom design Hand Bags
  • Artistic prototype for product development in a small batch.
  • From drafting, planning, researching for the best material to cutting, sewing and the finished product.
  • Every customer is treated with royalty and every project is grand.
  • We are about craftsmanship, creating personalized items that are unique in style and functional.
  • To master this talent we have dedicated many years of hard work, curiosity and flexibility to handle all sorts of different garments, accessories and home décor that arrives at our shop.

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